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Octopus City Blues by Ghost in a Bottle

Looks like some deviant LucasArt style. :]

(also the name of the game and studio are perfect.)


A.K. (1985), Chris Marker. Filming the making of Akira Kurosawa’s “Ran”.

Do you really need a 2700€ camera to take pictures of your food?

Passing by, in car, again. Through the window. Ricoh GRD IV.

J’ai fait une sieste, j’ai essayé de me prendre par la main pour faire un effort et corriger cette couleur de fond transparente… et voila. Pfiou.

photomic said: If you’re going to sell, sell it now while it still has value.

Yep I’m gonna see if i sell it this september. Tho I have no idea how much they sell. I’m gonna check.


japheree said: Just out of interest, what makes you think it wont be good in bad light? Not that I do much digital these days but I have heard generally favourable things about them. Of course the lenses are what counts. Wish I could afford some M mounts

Because I read it was bad in low light, and from the few tests i did, it seemed to confirm what I read… Also took a look on flickr before buying it, and was already afraid of this… of course it’s not extensive tests… but it seems this way. Anyway I’ll have to do more tests to be sure. :) Maybe the next versions of the E-P are better in low light, I really don’t know, I wanted the E-P2 instead of the next verions because if I recall correctly they added touch screens, or maybe that was on the M4/3 from Lumix… or both. I really didn’t like the idea of having a touch screen on a camera. There’s also the other models, cheaper (than the full prices of the E-Ps) but I was really lost between the different versions and didn’t know what was removed on those cheaper models.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my Olympus PEN E-P2…

I got it cheap without lens but with the electronic viewfinder and wanted to use it with a M Mount lens at first, I was thinking of maybe buying a Voigtlander one day…

But… If I was to stick to this plan, I really don’t know when (and if) I’ll be able to save enough money to buy one…
I have a few micro 4/3 adapters. One for the EOS Canon lenses. So I could use the kit lens of the 350D but I don’t think it’s an awesome lens… I tried a dumb Yashica 40-70mm I had, I read it was uterly bad, but actually I found it interesting the only time i tried it out… but 40-70x2 for m4/3 is not really handy for me for the more common uses… I have another cheap lens that’s total crap. It’s been a few times that I looked on ebay at the Digital M. Zuiko lenses for the Olympus, some are not expensive at all. I wondered if I should get one. But I don’t know i would have the use… as I really like my Fuji x10 and plan on continue using it… it has a good lens, and i wonder if with the Olypus with that M Zuiko wouldn’t just be another camera i wouldn’t use.

What interested me at first with the M4/3 is the possibility to use legacy lenses and the manual focus/aperture rings I don’t have on the Fuji X10 and I hate using DSLRs even if I can use that 350D whenever I want. (I find DLSRs too big, and… I don’t like that.)
Also if i’d plan on still buying ONE DAY (no idea when) that Voigtlander I’m afraid the PEN E-P2 would be crap in low light.
Another thing that bothered me with it is the electronic viewfinder is absolute crap too in not super light, it gets some uber noise, really awful. AND another thing, is I needed to use that feature that lets you zoom a part of the frame to be able to focus correctly and I couldn’t get that feature easily accessible with one button press/one click… so not handy at all, clicking 5 times to get it. But maybe there is a way… I’ll try to see this at first when I’m back. Then maybe try it a bit more (i barely used it once, only a few clicks/tests…)… And see… see what i should do with it. Sell it? Or…